• Carolyn Cassata

5 Ways to Save Money with HeatSmart

Updated: Mar 1

We are all spending more time at home and might have higher-than-usual energy bills, or finally have time to tackle home improvement projects. HeatSmart is a local, nonprofit community campaign in Orange County to help you understand the New York State home efficiency programs. There are generous incentives available right now to help you pay for home improvements that will lower your operating costs and your energy consumption.

1. Get a free energy assessment. Every New York State resident qualifies for a professional energy assessment for free. If you have never used this benefit, it's a great way to learn about your house as a system and get customized recommendations to weatherproof for better efficiency.

2. Learn about the rebates and subsidies available. For 2020, New York State has added new incentives to cover every income level, ranging from $500 - $7000 dollars for upgrades like air sealing and insulation. Read More Here

3. Evaluate how you heat and cool your building. Recent innovations to heat pump technology have made them more efficient and perfectly suited to the Orange County climate. In fact, thousands of homes in Vermont and Maine are already enjoying these systems. The rebates for installing the new heat pumps are compelling, averaging over $6,000 per home. Read More Here

4. Take advantage of low financing. In response to the economic impacts of COVID 19, manufacturers and NYS offer attractive financing to improve your home’s efficiency, with payments based on your projected energy savings. Often, the net savings are greater than the payment. Read More Here

5. Review your options and choose the improvements that make sense for you. Learn about the new technologies and get the information you need to access your incentives. The HeatSmart volunteers, your neighbors, have selected a list of recommended contractors based on their experience, quality assurance and ability to submit your rebate paperwork.

About HeatSmart –

HeatSmart Orange is a grassroots community initiative smoothing the path to an affordable, more energy-efficient building. HeatSmart offers nonprofit education, guidance and a list of vetted, local heating and cooling experts who install the latest clean technologies and help you maximize program rebates.

HeatSmart Orange is made possible by a partnership of Orange County, Energize NY and the New York State Research and Development Authority. HeatSmart is here to help you find savings and comfort for your home or small business.

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