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There are a variety of incentives available for energy efficiency and clean heating and cooling offered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the Internal Revenue Service and some utilities.


Concerned about making sure you get all the available rebates? Ask your installer about what options will be available to you—and for assistance on completing the necessary paperwork.

Below, you can find some details about the financing options offered in New York State, your county, and how they help with the home improvements paths you wish to take. 

rebates and incentives in new york state

NYSERDA Clean Heating and Cooling Program: These rebates vary depending on the size of your system, starting at $1500 for a geothermal system and $500 for an air source system.

NYSERDA Energy Efficiency Program: NYSERDA offers NY residents a range of home energy efficiency programs. These programs provide a whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and home comfort while saving money. For those who qualify, the programs will pay for 50%  to 100% of the work! 

Federal Tax Credits:  For geothermal installations the federal government offers residential and commercial tax credits of 26% of the total installed cost of the system. Act now! This credit is scheduled to decrease next year and then phase out. Consult a tax professional if you have questions about how to take advantage of this tax credit.

Utilities: Check with your utility company. Many have recently increased their rebate offers.

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Add to your total savings with heat pump rebates!

Westchester - Heat Pump Incentive Guide

If you are an ORU customer check out the increased 2019 heat pump rebates. They are more than double last year's!

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Warwick - Heat Pump Incentive Guide (Nov
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