"Pairing our new heat pumps with energy efficiency upgrades and solar panels have made us near net zero.”
-Michael H., Warwick, NY

 Four Simple Steps.... 


If you are in the market for improved heating and cooling or a better-insulated home, now is the time. HeatSmart acts as a clearinghouse to explore your options, learn about the latest technology and to find funding to offset the cost of your improvements. 


Sign up for HeatSmart 

Get guidance to incentive funds and find out which technologies suit your home. The process is quick and easy.



A HeatSmart-approved local installer completes an energy assessment of your home, and gives you a detailed report outlining the results and recommendations.



Choose the improvements and financing that fit your needs. In many cases, a homeowner’s annual savings meet or exceed the annual loan costs.



Your HeatSmart-approved partner installs the upgrade. You enjoy comfort and cost savings, and we all benefit from your home’s reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Making the Switch More Affordable 


Maximizing Your Savings

There are a variety of incentives available for energy efficiency and clean heating and cooling offered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), the Internal Revenue Service and your utility.

Concerned about making sure you get all the available discounts and rebates? Ask your installer about what options will be available to you—and for assistance on completing the necessary paperwork.

Below, you can find some details about the incentives and financing options, and how they help with the home improvement path you wish to take.

Rebates And Incentives In New York State

Utilities: The New York State heat pump rebates are now administered by your utility, with the rebate level based on the system’s heating capacity. You can find all the details in the rebate table below. These generous rebates start at $500 for installing one air source unit, but climb substantially with whole-home installations. The new rebates are providing an average of $6,000-$8,000 per air source whole-home system and $8,000 - $10,000 for a geothermal system. The HeatSmart partner-installers will find your relevant rebates using calculations specific to your building and the proposed equipment. Every HeatSmart partner installer has the necessary accreditation, software, and experience to accurately inform you of your true bottom line (included on your proposal) and will assist you with the paperwork.

Federal Tax Credits:  After you factor your rebates, don’t forget to take your IRS tax credit for heat pump installations. ENERGY STAR air source heat pumps qualify for a $300 credit. 2020 geothermal installations qualify for residential and commercial tax credits of 22% of the total installed cost for systems installed in 2021. Consult a tax professional for questions about how to take advantage of this tax credit.

Financing: Our installer-partners offer a wide variety of financing options ranging from traditional loans to the NYSERDA loans. 

Energy Efficiency Programs: 

NYSERDA offers every New York resident a free, professional home energy assessment. Plus, there are extra benefits to pay for thermal improvements. 

  • Empower New York – 100% Free

  • Assisted Home Performance – 50% Subsidy

  • Comfort Home Pilot – Rebates of $500-$4,000


A typical home in Orange County will have between 30,000 – 70,000 Btu/h of capacity. Your HeatSmart installer is critical for discovering and accessing your accurate rebate amount. 

 2020 Orange County Heat Pump Rebates 


Incentive & Financing Questions

What financing options are available to me?

NYSERDA offers two loan products for clean heating and energy efficiency with a range of terms. The Smart Energy Loan, a more traditional loan, or the On-Bill Recovery Loan. The On-Bill Recovery Loan allows you to finance energy efficiency improvements to your home through a charge on your utility bill. Your repayment amount will be based on projected savings on your energy bill; essentially, paying the loan with your savings. Plus, the HeatSmart participating installers also offer private financing solutions. Ask them about what other opportunities may be available to you.

How much could I potentially save by installing clean heating and cooling?

Everyone’s heating (and cooling) bill is different, so the amount you could save on energy will vary depending on a number of factors, including what fuel you currently use to heat your home, how well insulated it is, what size and shape your home is, what temperature you keep your thermostat at, how many heat pump units you install, and more. For heat pumps, the most important factor on how much you'll save is what fuel you currently use to heat your home and how old and inefficient your heating system is. If you heat with electric resistance, or propane, you’ll probably see the most energy savings—anywhere from $500 a year to over a thousand or more, depending on how much you currently pay and how much of your heating bill you offset. One way to compare these different CH&C technologies to fossil fuel-based equipment is to look at how much it costs to provide a unit of heat. It is hard to predict fossil fuel prices from year to year, but based on fuel prices today, heat pumps will heat your home at approximately half the cost of propane, 40% of the cost of electric resistance, and 70-80% of the cost of oil.

How much can I expect to pay for a clean heating and cooling system?

The cost of a heat pump will vary depending on the type of system installed (geothermal, air source, ductless or ducted), how many zones you want to heat/cool, the size of your home, how well insulated it is and more. In general, a ductless heat pump will cost roughly $4,500 - $6,000 or more for every zone of your home you want to heat. If you are considering a heat pump you may want to compare proposals from more than one HeatSmart installer.

How can I save?

  1. All of the technologies endorsed by HeatSmart can lower your energy usage amd expenses.
  2. There are significant rebates available for every improvement option through HeatSmart.
  3. The heat pump partner-installers are offering a special campaign discount up front.

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