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The villages of Hastings and Dobbs Ferry are happy to announce an opportunity to significantly reduce your home energy consumption, lower your energy bills, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the year-round comfort and value of your home with HeatSmart Westchester!


HeatSmart Westchester is brought to you by a partnership of Sustainable Westchester, Energize NY and NYSERDA, with one simple mission: help local homeowners learn about improved clean energy choices for their homes. This community outreach program connects you to local heating and cooling and energy efficiency experts who offer the latest clean energy technologies including air source and geothermal heat pumps and energy efficiency improvements.


With HeatSmart Westchester, the path to a more energy-efficient home is straightforward, headache-free, and affordable.


HeatSmart Steps

Questions? Call 914-302-7300 ext.1

Step 1: Sign Up

Find out which technologies your home qualifies for.

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Step 2: Assess

A HeatSmart-approved local contractor assesses your home and then gives you a detailed report outlining the results and recommendations.

Step 3: Finance

Choose the financing option that makes the most sense for you. In many cases, a homeowner’s annual savings meet or exceed the annual loan costs.

Step 4: Upgrade.

Your HeatSmart-approved contractor installs the technologies in your home, you enjoy comfort and cost savings, and we all benefit from your home’s reduced greenhouse gas emissions.



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Due to Covid-19, this event has been canceled and will be rescheduled for a later date

What You and Your Clients Need to Know about Heat Pumps—and Why 

The Villages of Dobbs Ferry & Hastings-on-Hudson invite you to a free lunchtime seminar for architects, engineers, contractors, builders, realtors, & related professionals:

Heat pumps and insulation are critical pieces for the construction and renovation of energy-efficient homes and businesses. Come to our lunch seminar to learn about these proven technologies and best practices. Architects, contractors and builders can boost their businesses and reputations by knowing how to deliver savings and comfort to customers;  realtors will also be able to bring value to their clients through awareness of these technologies.

HEATSMART gives back 

For each completed HeatSmart home energy upgrade or Community Solar enrollment during the HeatSmart Dobbs Ferry - Hastings Campaign, a $50 donation will be made toward the Hastings Fire Department for Hastings residents or

the Dobbs Ferry Sustainablity Committee for Dobbs residents

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Our installer partners for HeatSmart Dobbs Ferry-Hastings were selected after an extensive competitive process. We are excited about their tremendous experience, their outstanding reputations, the soundness of their business, the quality of work and their customer services. Our Installer Partners are:


Air Source Heat Pumps + Home Energy Efficiency 

Phoenix Mechanical

6 Vreeland Avenue b,

Elmsford, NY 10523

(914) 690-1000

Ground Source Heat Pumps/ Geothermal

Dandelion Energy

335 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10017

(833) 436-4255

Air Source Heat Pumps + Home Energy Efficiency 

Bruni & Campisi

199 Ridgewood Drive

Elmsford, NY, 10523


Home Energy Efficiency + 


Energy Management Solutions

101 Sterling Mine Rd, Sloatsburg, NY 10974

(845) 357-1771


Neighborhood Testimonials 

"I have both ducted and ductless mini splits, best thing I ever spent money on. My 1st floor unit is 24 SEER, the most efficient system made."

Charles V. Minozzi Jr., Building Inspector, Village of Hastings-on-Hudson

Frequently asked questions

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Alissa Fasman

Dobbs Ferry Sustainability Task Force


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Dobbs Ferry Sustainability Task Force



Dobbs Ferry Sustainability Task Force


Leslie Barbagallo

Hastings Energy Working Group

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Jean Hamerman

Hastings Conservation Commission

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Denise Woodin

Dobbs Ferry Sustainability Task Force

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Charlene Indelicato

 Dobbs Ferry Village Administrator


Kathy Dean

Dobbs Ferry Sustainability Task Force

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Simon Barcoe

Dobbs Ferry Sustainability Task Force


Fatou Jabbie

Hastings Energy Working Group

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Peter Shafran

Hastings Energy Working Group


Matthias Laban

Dobbs Ferry Sustainability Task Force

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Bonnie Mazza

Dobbs Ferry Sustainability Task Force

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