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“I'm really happy with my ducted air source heat pump system. It ticks all the boxes - saving money, lower carbon emissions, and I'm more comfortable in my home.”

-Christine K., Chester, NY 

 What Is It And How Does It Work? 

Air source heat pumps (ASHP)--often known as “mini-splits”--are electric appliances that provide heating and cooling by moving heat into a building (for heating) or out of a building (for cooling).

Today’s cold climate air source heat pumps can extract energy/heat from the air all the way down to -13°F. In the summer, the process is reversed, and heat is absorbed from the cooler indoor air and moved to the warmer outdoor air. With both ductless and centrally-ducted models, their versatility makes them a popular choice.

As clean heating and cooling technologies, heat pumps can help you save on your energy bill and improve the comfort of your home, all while reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

 What Are The Benefits? 

Lower Your

Energy Bill

Almost 75% of energy used in a typical New York home is for heating and cooling. Heat pumps can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on your heating bill.

Reclaim Your Windows, No Ducts Required!

HeatSmart geothermal installers offer monitoring systems enabling them to receive alerts, proactively diagnose errors, and perform maintenance remotely; only needing to come out to your home when hands-on maintenance is required. 

Improved Comfort, Safety & Health

Heat pumps filter and dehumidify air, which can improve the air quality and comfort of your home. In particular, the filtration provided by heat pump systems can significantly reduce allergens in your home, benefiting sensitive individuals. Eliminating or reducing the combustion of fossil fuels in your home improves home safety as well

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Converting from systems that burn fossil fuels to electric powered air source heat pumps will help reduce your carbon footprint and dependence on imported fossil fuels Using solar PV or other renewable electricity sources can further offset emissions from the electricity powering your heat pump.

Flexible Options for Each Unique Home

Air source heat pumps can be installed in applications ranging from central solutions to providing heating and cooling to individual rooms.

More Benefits and Information

You can find more benefits and information from HeatSmart installers and other trusted sources in the HeatSmart Blog. Use the "News & Events" link in the top navigation bar to find all the latest information.  

 What Will The Equipment Look Like In My Home 


Ductless air source heat pumps can be installed as a primary source of heating and cooling or installed to heat and cool specific rooms. This could include, for example, installing ductless units in the most frequently used rooms like family rooms or master bedrooms to displace heating or cooling from your existing system, or placing ductless units in rooms or new additions that never seem to be warm or cool enough.

Ductless ASHP Unit
Ductless ASHP Unit
Ductless Remote
Ductless Remote
Using Ductless Remote
Using Ductless Remote
Warwick Outdoor Heatpump
Local Warwick residents show off their new Air Source Heat Pump unit
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Ducted air source heat pumps have an outdoor unit that is connected to a building's ductwork, which is used to distribute heating or air conditioning throughout the home. Ducted (also known as central or unitary) use your home’s existing ductwork, though not all ductwork is sized adequately for heat pumps. A HeatSmart partner installer can tell you if your ductwork is sized adequately and what modifications may be necessary during a free site visit.

Air Vent
Wall Air Vent
Outdoor ASHP
Outdoor ASHP
Mitsubishi Heat Pump
Mitsubishi Heat Pump
Ducted Wall Vent
Ducted Wall Vent
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This is an excellent time to upgrade to a heat pump system 

  • HeatSmart installers offer a campaign discount in addition to transparent support to get rebates.

  • Note that utilities require using a contractor on their approved list to obtain their rebate.  All of the HeatSmart Orange partners are approved for rebates from Central Hudson, Orange & Rockland and NYSEG. 

  • Your contractor can review rebate options for your specific home and needs after they have visited your home for an assessment.

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